Wonderful Divine Saint Vadalur Vallalar and Some of His Miracles

Wonderful Divine Saint Vadalur Vallalar and Some of His Miracles

Words will fall short to enumerate the greatness of the Divine Saint, the fantastic Vadalur Vallalar.

Offered underneath are some of his miracles.

Tholuvore Velayudam mudaliar was his ardent disciple. He has prepared Vallalar’s biography in a lucid model. This is an authenticated 1 also. Velayudam mudaliar was working in Madras Presidency college as a Tamil Pundit.

He composed 66 verses in which he briefed the greatness of Vallalar.

How he became the disciple of this excellent saint is an interesting episode. Once he took a person hundred verses composed by him with puns and that much too in the previous Tamil design to Vallalar. In get to examination Vallalar, he explained to him that these verses were in an age aged palm leaves. In 1 of the leaves it was found that all those were sung by the terrific Sangam age Tamil poets.”

Sangam age was supposed to be the oldest period of time of Tamils and the Tamil poetic phrases could not be conveniently recognized.

Vallalar went by means of the leaves. Then he promptly retorted to Mudaliyar, “These are all not at all of Sangam period of time poets. Just one beginner who does not know even the standard fundamentals of Tamil grammar has published these verses. There are so many problems which no one could depend.”

Mudaliyar trembled and fell down at his toes and from that moment onwards he became an ardent devotee of Vallalar and invested his time with him till his past times.

Hundreds of miracles ended up executed by the wonderful saint. At the time one particular of his disciples by name Sahanmugam Pillai was in look for of him in the night time as he was not identified in his space. He went outside and had witnessed his a variety of components of body in unique sites. On viewing this Shanmugam screamed that one thing disastrous transpired to his Expert. But Vallalar assembled his physique and appeared prior to him as standard. He cautioned him not to look for like this all through evenings.

Thiruvorriyur is a famed shrine. Vallalar used to go to the temple to worship the Goddess. There was a naked male in the Auto Road. He utilised to see the gentlemen and women of all ages who are strolling through that street and comment, “below goes a canine This is Cow. This is a donkey.” Vallalar who employed to go by a distinctive route commonly, once has preferred automobile avenue route. The bare gentleman immediately declared, “Ah! listed here arrives a Male”and with both of those of his arms he covered his entire body in a way of demonstrating fantastic respect. That bare person have to be a Yogi. On viewing Vallalar, he left the place and most people started off talking that he was so considerably waiting to have the holy watch of the great saint.

Vallalar lifetime is complete of incidents. He was a excellent alchemist. What ever he touches that would turn out to be gold. But pretty not often he confirmed his mysterious powers to others..

He was praised by Theosophists. Velayudam mudaliyar has offered a beautiful statement to the writer of ‘Hints on Esoteric Theosophy about Vallalar. When this assertion was revealed in the journal. ‘The Theosophist’ July 1882 situation, Madam H.P.Blavatsky has supplied a glorious tribute and emphasised that her prophesy has been fulfilled.

We might want complete of our life span to study Vallalar and comprehend him.