The US Navy Could Use More Special Teams to Ensure Total Decisive Victory In Large Engagements

The US Navy Could Use More Special Teams to Ensure Total Decisive Victory In Large Engagements

It seems as if battleship diplomacy has turned into aircraft carrier diplomacy. We use our aircraft carriers to project power, and we aren’t the only nation which does this. Still, a big aircraft carrier is a big target, and also needs a number of other vessels to support it, and protect it. Submarine protection is great, and it makes a great offensive and defensive weapon, and it is somewhat of an insurance policy, at least it was during the Cold War. Still, even with these great large systems we also need special teams.

Just as a football team need special teams, although it must also have the strongest offense, and the best defense, the same is true with military technologies, force size, and strength. Today it seems that we have new technologies on the horizon which we should leverage to a greater degree. Yes, I speak of unmanned systems such as unmanned surface vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, and all the combinations of sensors and smart weapons. It’s nice to have more choices to solve specialty assignments within various niches.

More and more as I look at the future of naval warfare, and what it will take to maintain the world’s strongest naval force, I also realize that the game is changing, and sheer numbers and tonnage is not enough. It’s nice to have surprises, and trick plays up your sleeve to move your ball down the field towards the goal line. You never know when you are going to need something in your arsenal which is unique, new, and will catch your opponent off guard. That’s how you win football games, and those are the things which help turn the tide of war.

There is a decent paper I think you might like to read, published on October 23, 2006 titled; “What Role can a Theater Anti-submarine Warfare Commander Serve in the New Maritime Strategy?” by Robert J. White, who noted;

“Anti-submarine warfare is a diversified competency. Its conduct requires coordination across air, surface, and sub-surface domains. In a ‘1000 Ship Navy’ it requires regional partners as well. Much work is ongoing in technology and tactics. However, the employment of operational art is lacking. Regional Combatant Commands need a persistent ASW function with theater-wide knowledge and responsibility to correct this deficiency.”

Interestingly enough, I do agree with all of this, as well as the reasoning to do more research and development on underwater technologies, and how we might fit those into various simple strategies, perhaps even one-time usage, to turn a battle, prevent a conflict, rid the world of a terrorist element, or deny an enemy the ability to close off a choke point, or threaten our fleet. What I’m talking about is winning, winning wars, winning victories, and winning decisive naval battles.

Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it, if you have security clearance, I have lots of sketches, designs, and ideas which take the game to a much higher level; all the name of protecting the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind, don’t screw the American. Like I said it’s about winning, and if you’re not on our side, you will lose, perhaps it’s only fair to let you know that up front.