Prophetic Dreams – Dreams of Being Shot At – What Do They Mean?

Prophetic Dreams – Dreams of Being Shot At – What Do They Mean?

Did you desire of staying shot at? What could your terrifying dream imply? Are you troubled by it?

If you are overwhelmingly disturbed by a modern nightmare, you are not alone. The feeling of despair that you happen to be emotion appropriate now is not exclusive to you on your own.

I myself dreamt of being shot at as very well, and in this article is my tale.

The Dream:

And there I was out in an open up sandy discipline. A gentleman with an automatic rifle aggressively sought to get rid of me. He and I ended up the only types on this barren industry consequently, the condition I was in was indisputably dire. This guy fired at me relentlessly with a vengeful goal. He had the weapon, I experienced absolutely nothing to combat back with. Since I could not shield myself I panicked. I tried to dock and dodge as much as I could, but I realized eventually just one of those traveling bullets would strike me. I was vividly horrified.

Then, all of a unexpected, the barrage of taking pictures stopped.

I listened to a yell, and I appeared up at the direction of the taking pictures gun person. He appeared damage and was holding his head. Apparently, anything experienced come from behind me and struck him across the facial area. I turned all over to see what it was, and very low and behold, a gentleman was there with a sling shot.

This person shot yet again at the gunman a second time, and this time, the rock from the slingshot strike the gunman and blasted him significantly absent from me. It defied logic how this happened. The smaller small rock from the slingshot whizzed through the air with astonishing speed, putting the gunman with astonishing precision and an unbelievable drive. It was like being shot at by a gushing five toes vast water hose, if there ever was this kind of a thing.

Ahead of I knew it, the gunman had deserted his gun with a cowardly quickness and fled the scene. Then I listened to a voice say to me: “Hurry up and grab his weapon. Wipe out it!” Whose voice this was, I do not know. But the voice sounded thunderously authoritative. Could have been that of the slingshot man, I’m not confident. I right away did as I was informed and started to dismantle the rifle.

It was when I was breaking apart the weapon that I sprung awake. I woke up with a smile plastered on my encounter. This was a dream that spelled victory. But victory from what?

Due to the fact this desire finished effectively for me, I figured there was almost nothing to fear about. So I didn’t treatment and I quickly forgot about it. Huge miscalculation!


In excess of the period of time of a calendar year following this aspiration, a collection of regrettable events fell upon me and I slowly started to realize what the aspiration intended. You see, whilst I was saved by the mysterious male at the close of my desire, that continue to did not erase the truth that the gunman tried, quite a few occasions, to hurt me.

In the beginning of the narration of my aspiration, I stated the gunman had an automated rifle and that he fired at me relentlessly. Not the moment, not two times, but many instances.

Now, each bullet that he fired in my way apparently counted as each individual problem that I would be coming up from in the around not-so-distant upcoming. And sure, I did appear up in opposition to main challenges. The good news is for me, as in the aspiration, I was miraculous saved from these issues.


The bottom line here is very very simple. If you at any time desire of currently being shot at, you have to have to be concerned…pretty fearful. But just before you get rid of your mind in worry, in this article are a couple of concerns you Need to remedy in order to identify if risk is actually lurking.

Right before your aspiration, do you remember hearing or viewing just about anything associated to guns (action videos, the information, heard a tale, and many others)? Do you bear in mind examining about something associated to guns or capturing in the newspapers or other looking at products?

If your solutions to these issues are all NOs, then be really mindful. Make positive you pray usually. Events are coming your way that are not likely to be pleasant.

Be aware:

In my aspiration, whilst I was shot at, I was under no circumstances strike or grazed by any of the traveling bullets. So I realized, no issue what took place, every time this aspiration did manifest by itself in true existence, I wouldn’t endure any uncomfortable situations. I may well suffer from a passing sensation of dread and/or anxiousness (like I did in the dream when I was getting shot at) but I realized I’d arrive out of regardless of what lied in advance for me in the upcoming victorious and unharmed, just like in the desire.

Now, if you on the other hand take place to have a dream of becoming shot at, and you obtain you actually receiving hurt in that desire, then the materialization of your nightmare could be completely unique from mine…in a really bad way.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am not in this article to scare you. But the issues I have observed by means of dreams, and the gatherings I have witnessed in existence, can make it a obligatory duty for me to generate this posting. It is critical that you recognize that Dreams are the principal signifies of communication utilized by the ‘spiritual powers that be’ to talk with the human globe.

You owe it to on your own to know how to recognize these divine communications when you acquire them, and how to evaluate and realize them. Becoming equipped to learn the art of decoding goals will assist you get ready for the inescapable adversities that are marching toward you OR issue you in the ideal course if which is what is desired at the moment.