AUV Reflective Metallic Chafe Dispersion Decoy Strategies

AUV Reflective Metallic Chafe Dispersion Decoy Strategies

The other day, I challenged myself on how we could possibly use autonomous underwater automobiles as decoys creating a condition which could cause enemy silent submarines to un-cloak them selves and fire upon these robotic devices. As soon as an enemy submarine fires on an AUV it straight away offers alone away, along with its place. As soon as that happens, it is effortless to return hearth understanding exactly in which that submarine is by only honing in with underwater particular listening equipment on that now offered acoustic signature. All right so let’s speak shall we?

What if we did a thing like this what if we dispersed metallic chafe in a dispersion pattern such as a grid. If each and every piece of chafe was distributed into the water at a place of comparable buoyancy it would remain place, floating peacefully in the h2o. When we did this at several depth concentrations we could indeed send out electricity to that chafe in a unique pattern which would exhibit the define and form of maybe a submarine. If that chafe ended up produced of nodes and motes they would be chatting to each individual other and retain a signature of the form of the submarine upon the sonar display screen of the enemy.

Then, we just wait for the enemy to fireplace on the metallic floating chafe, whereby a loitering AUV floating useless in the water could pinpoint properly be enemy’s actual site. Our AUV could then send that details for correct concentrating on coordinates to our individual vessels and submarines. Our enemy wouldn’t get something, it would have squandered a torpedo on tiny small objects floating in the drinking water pinging again a fake signature, but we on the other hand would know its correct site for immediate termination. Probably such as system must be utilized, thought of, and much more investigate carried out.

Related tactics could be made use of in the air focusing on the enemy’s aerial property as they consider tricks of stealth to conceal them selves in the total battle house. After they hearth their weapons they will have offered them selves absent for us to return fire. No, these approaches philosophically talking are no different than Solar Tzu or Karl von Clausewitz had talked about generations ago, it can be just that with modern technological know-how the similar rules and strategies now apply to underwater warfare.

Have faith in me when I explain to you our enemies and opportunity future adversaries are receiving better each individual day at cloaking their submarine belongings. We will need a system to obtain them, uncloak them, and place them at the base of the sea with holes in them if there is at any time a war. Please take into consideration all this and assume on it.