Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 Service Cost

Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 Service Cost

One of the finest cars and trucks to drive but worst to fix, or is it? I acquired this excellent on the lookout muscle mass vehicle for a deal. Indeed, in comparison to what I could have purchased it was a genuine deal. Practically nothing looks fairly like it. A car with alluring curves with leather-based inside and hidden door handles. The paint career is not the ideal but practically nothing else looks like it. You get air-conditioning, ability steering, Ab muscles, Gasoline Injection, Central locking with crafted in alarm, Two air bags, and a good deal of muscle mass. 2.5litre V6 quad cam 24 valve Alfa motor that force out 140KW and 190bhp. At 7.2 seconds – 60Mph its quick.

The catch with the motor vehicle is the service charges you will expend on it. My apparent guidance to you is to have the cam belt provider done at an Alfa mend shop. It may possibly look as if the dude down the road will conserve you a dime, but can you truly set a price on security and convenience. Let’s talk about the price of a assistance. A cam belt provider at an Alfa mend store should cost you about R14 000.00 in South Africa or $2 400.00 in the States. But why you request? This is the Alfa that saved Alfa Romeo from bankruptcy. From the wheels to the badge to the engine and the seats has all been produced by Alfa for Alfa. The Alfa cam kit expense somewhere around R9 000.00 and the rest of the cash is for labor and things. A normal oil filter spark plug assistance will charge you R3500.00. It is finest you do the cam belt alter prior to the belt break. To have 24 bent valves changed will cost you substantially a lot more than R20 000.00. In Cape Town South Africa there is at minimum 3 Alfa dealerships that will do a great position repairing your Alfa. You can also have the Alfa fixed by Bosh or Holandse Motors. Bear in mind to retain the oils and waters checked weekly and prime up as you inspect the car 7 days immediately after 7 days. A wonderful services will final a prolonged way. Following my support I can just get into the car or truck and begin her up and go.

I will inform you A tiny additional about the V6 motor. Of course it is a V6 Alfa motor. The 156 came out with the 2.5 liter quad cam 24 Valve V6 engines that pushed out 141Kw into a 6 speed handbook gearbox to the front wheels. The vehicle is nose weighty and turning is a challenge due to the fact the massive engine takes up loads of home below the bonnet. I have my auto for just more than a year now and it is even now a pleasure to carry up the bonnet and watch that marvel of an motor. The motor was over engineered in so many methods. The Alfa V6 engine can also be found in a 3l 3.2l 3.7l and even a 3.8l. The 2.5l motor lacks the pull away electric power identified with the even larger bores, but in the 156 it merely set that smile on your facial area. There is really extremely small mechanically that can go mistaken with these engines, but if something breaks, you have to devote all your cash and lend some. The weaker issue on the motor is all linked to the timing pieces. The factory drinking water pump experienced plastic shifting parts that could alert beneath the stress and heat of the engine and fuel leaving you with no cooling for this huge engine. The cam belt has a reduce than normal lifetime span and really should not be disregarded if you are taking into consideration obtaining a single of these classic autos. The problem with my automobile was a damaged or fairly torn cam belt tensioner. I was standing on a bridge and I read a huge taping sound prior to my engine died. The cam belt came eliminate immediately after the tensioner failed and I managed to bend 24 valves. It is excellent observe to have your timing belt and transferring components inspected at every service and be sure to just be sure to do not skip a support on this vehicle.

I have taken the motor vehicle on a couple of household journeys and it handles wonderful. The only point they could have enhanced on the automobile if I could point out this to you, is the air conditioner. It is as good as not getting it in the motor vehicle. The relaxation is all suitable on the cash. From the stitching in the doorway panels to the exhaust process and that powerhouse engine in entrance I can certainly agree that this car was produced with enthusiasm and function. If this is what it took to conserve Alfa from bankruptcy, then it is good enough for me.

Is it really worth the cash? I have to say, a Large Phat Sure. This vehicle and its motor have been rated vehicle of the calendar year and motor of the year back in 1998. The motor observe of Alfas V6 engines will leave your close friends in awe. The working day you pull away and go away the Mercs and VW’s and BMW’s behind, you will comprehend that you are close to perfection in this common muscle auto. The gasoline utilization is lousy, but it truly is no VW. With a 6 pace guide and an motor tone at higher Rpm’s you’ll be smiling like a rich man in a poor man’s auto. Keep in mind, you are not a petrol head right up until you have pushed an Alfa.

It is time to go and seem at that Mercedes and BMW all over again and then search back at your Alfa. Services do cost a little further, but what you get is the greatest Alfa experienced to give to our world at a time when they experienced hit rock bottom. What you get is extra than a car, it is a piece of heritage that tells a story of a time when fuel was cheap and electricity was loads. It tells of a driver that can be enrolled beneath the fantastic petrol heads of all time. This is not just an Alfa this is the Alfa that started all the other Alfas immediately after it in a race to be much more than a car or truck. This Alfa is a legend.