A Review Of The Electrolux Oxygen 3 Vacuum Cleaner

A Review Of The Electrolux Oxygen 3 Vacuum Cleaner

Electrolux has been a current market leader in the manufacture of small household appliances and Electrolux vacuum cleaners have, in the earlier, received large client rankings. The company has a name for manufacturing higher overall performance canister vacuums. The most high priced of these is the Oxygen 3 vary. So, how does the Oxygen 3 canister vacuum cleaner execute and is it well worth the large value-tag?

There are 3 vacuum cleaners in the Electrolux Oxygen 3 array the Oxygen 3 Canister Vacuum (the EL7000), the Oxygen 3 Ultra (the EL7020) and the Oxygen 3 Extremely Mixture (the EL7025).

All three products in the Oxygen 3 assortment of vacuum cleaners share some simple qualities. All versions seem fairly a great deal the exact and the dust bag in each design has a capacity of 2 quarts. All 3 types arrive with Electrolux MicroSeal technological innovation – a mixture of a sealed motor and a HEPA filtration process, which assures that 99.97% of dust and particles that are picked up stay within the vacuum bag and are not expelled back again out into the air. On the canister alone there are different indicators to enable you know that the vacuum is operating at peak overall performance. In all probability the most effective (certainly most user-helpful) aspect is the buttons on the deal with you can transform the equipment on and off, flip the brush roll on and off (when employing the run head), and enhance or lower suction.

The cheapest product that Electrolux make in the Oxygen 3 vary is referred to as the Electrolux Oxygen 3 Canister Vacuum (or the EL7000). Its declare to fame is that is supposed to clean up bare ground styles and arrives with a rather very long hose – a excellent 21 ft! Don’t stress if you have carpets this vacuum nonetheless does a really sufficient position. It arrives with the least expensive electricity – 10 amps, which still delivers very good suction. If you happen to be looking for a no-fuss purchase very well-produced vacuum cleaner than stick with this design.

The upcoming in line is the Oxygen 3 Extremely vacuum. Its hose is 7 ft very long and will come with a extra impressive motor at 12 amps – even with acquiring a additional powerful motor the vacuum continue to weighs the very same as the Oxygen 3 at 27 lbs. Electrolux say that the Oxygen 3 Ultra vacuum cleaner is wonderful for cleansing all ground forms, having said that this product only comes with a single head attachment – the Ultra Mix will come with two the regular 13″ width and a scaled-down, lightweight nozzle, which is much improved for cleaning bare floors.

The Electrolux Ultra Mix vacuum is meant to be a marrying to get of the two past models. I feel that this is a minor bit of a advertising ploy – why not have made just one model to do all ground kinds and fail to remember about models that just do carpet or just do bare flooring?
Pricing could be the response. The Electrolux Oxygen 3 vacuum cleaner isn’t cheap and the EL7025 is substantially additional highly-priced than the EL7000.

Speaking about expense, replacing the dust bags isn’t low cost possibly one thing to believe about when getting a vacuum cleaner.

An additional minus stage about the Oxygen 3 vacuum cleaner is that the vacuum deal with turns to a person aspect so that it will continue to be standing in an upright situation when not in use. This is great, but it does make the vacuum tough to steer all around the place.

Having stated all that, the Electrolux Oxygen 3 vacuum cleaner does have great suction and will clean up just about all ground varieties. It really is great for allergy victims as its HEPA technique retains 99.97% of particles – which is as very good as any other manufacturer. The Oxygen 3 by Electrolux is an expensive vacuum cleaner but no a lot more high priced than is competition.